What Child is this? – Isaiah 9:1-7

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Sermon Notes

Questions for Discussion & Application

  1. What was confusing, convicting, or encouraging from this study of scripture?
  2. Why does humanity continually look for a perfect king, ruler, or government? What are we seeking in this pursuit?  How does Jesus fulfill this longing?   
  3. Why must this prophecy be about Jesus? How does this prophecy help to establish that Jesus is God in human flesh?
  4. What aspects of Jesus’ reign described in this prophecy appeal most to you? Why?
  5. What blessings of Jesus’ reign do we already see realized? What blessings of His reign are we still waiting for Him to fulfil in the future? (See Matthew 11:2-6, Isaiah 11, and Revelation 21.)
  6. Which title used to describe Jesus in verse 6 stands out most to you? Why?