Three Questions about Deacons – Acts 6:1-7

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Sermon Notes

Questions for Discussion & Application:


  1. Do you have any questions about the meaning of today’s passage?
  2. How does today’s passage speak truth into your life and challenge you personally?
  3. What will you do (specifically) in response to hearing God’s Word today?
  4. What are common some common misconceptions about deacons and their role in the church? How has God’s Word challenged or changed your view of deacons and their role?
  5. Do you know who our deacons are? Do you pray for them? 
  6. How can you support and partner with the deacons of our church?
  7. How does our plan for meeting physical needs within the church involve you? How are you being a servant to others and helping to meet the needs of others in our church?