The Hour of Suffering Begins – John 18:1-27

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Sermon Notes

Questions for Discussion & Application

  1. What was surprising, confusing, or helpful from this passage?
  2. What does Jesus mean in verse 11 where He speaks of drinking the cup that the Father has given Him? (see Isaiah 51:17 & Jeremiah 25:15)
  3. How does it deepen your assurance of God’s love and forgiveness to know that Jesus has drank fully the cup of God’s wrath/punishment on your behalf?
  4. In verses 10-11 Peter cuts off the ear of a soldier in an attempt to defend Jesus and then he turns around and denies that he knows Jesus three times. What does Peter still not understand? 
  5. Jesus said “I am He” when the soldiers sought to arrest Him but Peter said “I am not” when asked if he was Jesus’ disciple. What will help us to not repeat the failure of Peter and give a faithful testimony to Jesus in our own lives?