Jesus Prays for His Apostles – John 17:6-19

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Sermon Notes

  1. What was surprising, confusing, or helpful from this passage?
  2. What are Jesus’ overarching concerns in this prayer for His apostles? How does this challenge us in the focus of our prayers?
  3. Even though the apostles still lack a full understanding, Jesus affirms the sincerity of their faith because they believe that Jesus and His words are from Heaven. How does this encourage you about your own faith in Jesus?     
  4. Jesus prays for the protection and unity of His apostles. According to verse 17, this protection and unity are accomplished by the apostles being sanctified in the truth.  What does it mean to be sanctified in the truth? 
  5. How has God kept you and protected you from the evil one through His sanctifying truth?
  6. Jesus wanted His apostles in the world to fulfill their mission. How are you in the world to fulfill the mission Christ has given you?