God’s Undeserved Grace for a Wicked City Jonah 3:1-10

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Sermon Notes

Questions for Discussion & Application

  1. What was confusing, convicting, or encouraging from this passage?
  2. Has God ever given you a second chance to do something that you failed to do the first time? What did this teach you about God? 
  3. Are you like God in being willing to give others a second (or third or fourth) chance?
  4. Does God HAVE to be compassionate and offer a second chance? (See Acts 5:1-11.)  Can you think of some other examples from Scripture of God giving someone a second chance?  (See John 21:15-19.)
  5. How do we see repentance expressed outwardly by the people of Nineveh? Based on this example of repentance, what evidence should we look for in ourselves and others that our repentance is true?
  6. Is there an area in your life now that requires true repentance? What will you do?