A Life-Changing Vision of God – Isaiah 6:1-13

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Sermon Notes

Questions for Discussion & Application

  1. What was confusing, convicting, or encouraging from this study of scripture?
  2. What do we learn about God from Isaiah’s vision? Do you think this is the common understanding of God in the American church today? How is this vision of God challenging to you? 
  3. In Isaiah 2 we saw God’s commitment to opposing human pride. In today’s passage we see that Isaiah’s vision of God’s holiness humbles him completely. Why is a proper vision of God the path to true humility? 
  4. Where do we see a proper vision of God’s greatness and holiness today? How has a vision of God transformed your life?
  5. God did not overlook or excuse Isaiah’s sin, rather He cleansed him of it. How do we experience cleansing from God? How has the assurance of such cleansing changed your life?
  6. Isaiah’s experience of being cleansed by God propelled him to embrace a mission of serving the Lord. How have you experienced this same reality in your own life?