Psalm 73 – The Honest Doubter

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Sermon Notes

  1. What stood out to from this study of God’s Word? What would you like to understand better?
  2. What do we mean by good? What does it mean to say God is good?
  3. What was the cause of the Psalmist’s almost plunge into despair over his life (2-3)?
  4. What does it mean to Envy? What is the Psalmist Envious over?
  5. What is Asaph focusing on (4-12)? How are we like Asaph?
  6. What are Asaph’s conclusions about his situation and the good fortune of the wicked (13-14)?
  7. What is the turning point for Asaph (16-17)?
  8. Right now, we can be tempted to think that the prosperity of the wicked will continue while our difficult circumstances endure. How quickly will God undo evil (18-20)?
  9. How does Asaph describe his attitude toward God when he was envious of the wicked (21-22)?
  10. Yet, what was God’s response to Asaph in his moment of doubt (23-24)?
  11. What are his driving conclusions (27-28)?