From the Cross – John 19:17-37

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Sermon Notes

Questions for Discussion & Application

  1. What was surprising, confusing, or helpful from this passage?
  2. Why was it difficult for people to recognize Jesus as King while He died on the cross? Why is it sometimes difficult for people to recognize Him as King today? 
  3. John emphasizes that Jesus fulfilled Old Testament prophecy in His death (see Isaiah 52:13-53, Psalm 22, Exodus 12:46, & Zechariah 12:10). Why would this be an important emphasis for John to make?  How does it encourage your faith to see this? 
  4. In verse 30 Jesus says, “It is finished.” The word finished could also be translated as “accomplished”.  What exactly did Jesus accomplish in His death?  Who can you share this good news with this week?   
  5. According to verse 35, what is the purpose of this passage? How has the written Word encouraged you to believe in Jesus?